Attending an academic conference can be quite a bit of fuss. Although the recent times have shown that be it any conference there is no necessity of being physically present to attend a conference. And as a matter of fact, if we are investing our time in learning something then we must first know about it properly. So according to ones needs they should attend the respective conference.

Academic conference has existed for quite a bit of time now. But with everything evolving so fast the traditional methods of conference are no longer considered. It used to take the organisers, planners, event managers, key speakers as a whole to execute a conference. But after technical development all you need is just an app to attend these webinars or workshops. This method is very cost effective too. But apart from that there are some bane i.e., if the conferences are held in real time then sometimes there are network issues, communication with important people becomes irksome and for those freebies who like to travel do not get the chance to do so. But apart from that holding conference online is absolutely great.

Generally academic conferences are thought to be only held in academics or institutions. But these are also held by scientists, PhD students, lecturers, research scholars etc. and if you are ever presenting yourself in a conference then it is a great opportunity for you to channelize your energy towards something productive and also helps to boost your confidence.

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