An academic conference is a conference held by researchers or academics to present their work and discuss it. These conferences are great sessions for broadening your knowledge and for increased awareness. In this article, we will guide you to find the academic conference-best suited for you.

The academic conference comes in different shapes as they can be held locally by small groups or institutions or can be held on a global platform. Conferences are a great way to channelize our thoughts and research. As an academic conference, there are also several conferences like a press conference, news conference, corporate conferences, trade shows, and product launch conferences. But depending on your field of work you need to choose which conference you want to attend. Another major benefit of these conferences is that you can add it to your resume.

There are a series of events that take place in these academic conferences and they are as follows:

  • Plenary sessions: are the sessions in which all the representatives are motivated to participate.
  • Keynote sessions: these are the sessions to which the whole conference looks forward to. Generally, the keynote speaker sets the whole mood of the conference.
  • Panel sessions: these are the sessions where a group of researchers discuss their opinions on a particular subject.
  • Oral sessions: these are the sessions where different speakers talk about different papers having the same theme. They are allotted specific timing of 20 to 30 mins

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