Advances and Research about International Conference On Medical and Health Science

The International Conference on medical and health science is a conference for undergraduate healthcare and medical students to present their research to observe and professors in the field giving them the opportunity to receive structured feedback. Sample papers from the conference are published in Academics Conference Network Proceedings.

Conference on medical and health science

ACN worked as dynamic, securing funds to support the conference for students, recruiting highly skilled members of the research and community for the keynote speakers, and encourage the scientific minds attending the conferences.

International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences(ICMHS) is a prominent event organized with a motivation to provide an exceptional international platform for the academicians, researchers, industrial participants, and students around the world to share their research findings with the global authorities. Also provides an essential framework for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Medical and Health Sciences.

It promotes the exchange of research knowledge and experience among medical and Health science from different countries and cities, to encourage innovative thinking by revealing students to current cutting advantages research topics, to educate healthcare students on the importance of research in the broader medical fields, and to discover students to future research opportunities.

Author Guidelines are given to know more about conferences related to papers and submission methods.
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